CASS Presidents


CASS President’s Message

The College of Alberta School Superintendents (CASS) is the professional voice of Alberta’s system educational leaders, whose mission is to build system leadership excellence to ensure quality school leadership, quality teaching, and optimum learning for all students in Alberta.

In the spring of 2021 Bill 55, the College of Alberta School Superintendents Act, received royal assent and the College of Alberta School Superintendents was granted professional status within legislation for full implementation in September 2022. On behalf of the CASS Board of Directors, I wish to express appreciation to the hundreds of school system leaders, beginning in the 1960’s, that have laid the foundation for CASS to realize this long held aspiration. In particular, we hold a debt of gratitude to those visionary leaders who had the idea to begin operating as a professional organization long before CASS was given formal recognition in legislation. These leaders drafted bylaws and developed other governance structures that gave the association gravitas.

CASS operates using a zone system, with most zones meeting three to four times a year. Most zones organize themselves into role-alike communities of reflection and practice, and the opportunity for professional collaboration is often the most cited benefit of membership by the system leaders that participate. The Board of Directors consists of 10 individuals with representation from each of the zones, Alberta’s First Nations, Métis, and Inuit schools, and Alberta’s Francophone schools. Beginning in 2022, CASS will also have a public member appointed by the Minister of Education.

CASS works to foster system excellence by strengthening the knowledge and skills of its members and collaborating with the Ministry and other partner organizations to maintain Alberta’s world-class education system. CASS is committed to building the proficiency of system leaders to meet the Leadership Quality Standard and the Superintendent Leadership Quality standard.

On behalf of the CASS Board of Directors, I would like to thank all CASS members, past and present, who have contributed both to CASS and to educational excellence in the province of Alberta.

Dr. Scott Morrison


Years Served Name School Authority Position
2022-23 Dr. Scott Morrison Christ the Redeemer Catholic Schools Superintendent
2021-22 Dr. Wilco Tymensen Horizon School Division Superintendent
2019-21 Bevan Daverne (2-year term) Golden Hills School Division Superintendent
2018-19 Kurt Sacher Chinook’s Edge School Division Superintendent
2017-18 Christopher MacPhee Canadian Rockies Public Schools Superintendent
2016-17 Colleen Symyrozum-Watt Pembina Hills Public Schools Superintendent
2015-16 John Waterhouse Westwind School Division Deputy Superintendent
2014-15 Karl Germann Grande Prairie Catholic Superintendent
2013-14 Dr. Larry Jacobs (D)* Wolf Creek School Div. Chief Superintendent
2012-13 Craig Foley Calgary Catholic School Div. Superintendent, HR
2011-12 Roger Nippard Northern Lights School Div. Superintendent
2010-11 Barry Litun Lethbridge School District Superintendent
2009-10 Greg Woronuk Peace River School Div. Assistant Superintendent
2008-09 Paulette Hanna Red Deer Catholic Reg. Div. Superintendent
2007-08 Dr. Jim Brandon (D)* Foothills School Div. Deputy Superintendent
2006-07 Mary Lynne Campbell Parkland School Div Superintendent
2005-06 Barbara Gammon Palliser Reg. Div. Assoc Supt.
2004-05 Barry Stangeland High Prairie S. Div. Assoc Supt.
2003-04 Patricia Dorney (D)* Calgary RCSSD No. 1 Area Superintendent
2002-03 Jim Gibbons Chinook’s Edge S.D. Superintendent
2001-02 Dr. Hal Kluczny (D)* Wetaskiwin R.P.S.D. Superintendent
2000-01 Dr. Darwin Eckstrom Peace Wapiti Dep. Supt.
1999-2000 Ed Wittchen Northern Lights S.D. Superintendent
1998-99 John Darroch Palliser Reg. Div. Assoc. Superintendent
1997-98 David A. Lynn Foothills School Division Superintendent
1996-97 Dr. David Young (D)* Parkland School Division Superintendent
1995-96 Brian Callaghan Canadian Rockies Superintendent
1994-95 Muriel Dunnigan Edmonton Catholic Assoc. Superintendent
1993-94 Dick Baker (D)* Edmonton Public Assoc. Superintendent
1992-93 Merv Kurtz County of Lacombe Superintendent
1991-92 Dave Thomas East Smoky School Div. Superintendent
1990-91 Gordon Welch Strathcona County Superintendent
July 1990 Dr. Alan MacLeod Willow Creek School Div. Superintendent
1989-90 Warren Phillips County of Mountain View Asst. Superintendent
1988-89 Dr. John McCarthy Calgary Catholic Superintendent
1987-88 Gary Kiernan Lakeland Public Superintendent
1986-87 Jacqueline Gee Strathcona Count Assoc Superintendent
1985-86 Robert David County of Lacombe Superintendent
1984-85 Harold Parr (D)* Rocky View School Div Deputy Superintendent
1982-84 Gerry Heck Fort McMurray Catholic Superintendent
Jul-Sept 1982 Bill Brownlee Red Deer Public Superintendent
1981-82 Dr. Gordon Rancier Strathcona County Superintendent
1980-81 Dennis Grant Grande Prairie Catholic Superintendent
1979-80 Dr. Robert Plaxton (D)* Lethbridge Public Superintendent
1978-79 Gerry Wilson Three Hills School Div. Superintendent
1977-78 Dr. Harold MacNeil (D)* Edmonton Catholic Superintendent
1976-77 Alvin Myhre County of Parkland Superintendent
1975-76 Dr. Jack Van Tighem (D)* Calgary Catholic Superintendent
1974-75 Harold Jepson (D)* County of Mountain View Superintendent
1973-74 Bert Strain (D)* Stettler School District Superintendent
1972-73 Frank Riddle (D)* Medicine Hat Public Superintendent
1971-72 Jack James (D)* Calgary Public Sec. Schools Supt.
1970-71 Dr. Harold MacNeil (D)* Edmonton Catholic Superintendent
1969-70 Robert Kimmit (D)* Lethbridge Catholic Superintendent
1968-69 Dr. Robert Warren (D)* Calgary Public Superintendent
1967-68 Harold Dawe (D)* Red Deer Public Superintendent
1966-67 Dr. Olaf Larson (D)* Medicine Hat Public Superintendent
1964-66 Dr. Peter Bargen (D)* Edmonton Public Superintendent

*(D) Deceased