Zone Executive for 2021-2022


CASS is organized into five Zones, representing different geographic regions in Alberta.

Zone 1

Director: Greg Miller
Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources, Grande Prairie and District Catholic Schools

Chair: Mike McMann
Superintendent, Fort Vermillion School Division

Vice Chair: Jim Taplin
Assistant Superintendent of Inclusion and Student Support, Holy Family Catholic Regional Division

Secretary/Treasurer: Stephanie Sutherland
Director of Students Services, Northland School Division

Zone 2 & 3
(Edmonton and surrounding area, North East)

Director: Neil O’Shea
Superintendent, Aspen View Public Schools

Chair: Thérèse deChamplain-Good
Assistant Superintendent of Educational Excellence, Student Learning Services, Elk Island Catholic Schools

Vice Chair: Pamela Guibault
Superintendent, Lakeland Catholic Schools

Secretary: Cindy Escott
Deputy Superintendent, Evergreen Catholic Schools


Zone 4

Director: Shan Jorgenson-Adam
Assistant Superintendent of Learning, Battle River School Division

Chair: Brad Volkman
Superintendent, Wild Rose School Division

Vice Chair/Secretary: Greg Wedman
Deputy Superintendent, Wild Rose School Division

Zone 5
(Calgary and surrounding area)

Director: Andrea Holowka
Superintendent of School Improvement, Calgary Board of Education

Chair: Allen Davidson
Assistant Superintendent of Employee Services, Foothills School Division

Secretary/Treasurer: Ahmad Jamal ElRafih
Superintendent of Schools, Almadina Language Charter Academy

Zone 6

Director: Scott Brandt
Superintendent, Grasslands Public Schools

Chair: Camille Quinton
Director of Inclusion, Prairie Rose School Division

Vice Chair/Treasurer: Sean Beaton
Assistant Superintendent, Grasslands Public Schools

Secretary: Carmen Larsen
Director of Learning, Holy Spirit Catholic Schools