Planning for Implementation

Implementation Matters

Successful implementation is complex work. Planning requires an understanding of the characteristics of successful implementation, coherence among plans and priorities, and the intentional effort to plan for impact based on your outcome.

CASS has developed a plan to support  implementation of the Professional Practice Standard.  The plan includes a focus on building members’ capacity, supporting professional  growth as well as sharing strategies and approaches to support implementation of the professional practice standards in Alberta school authorities.  To develop the plan, CASS made use of A Guide to Support Implementation: Essential Conditions developed by education stakeholders in Alberta. A planning template for your use is included here, as well as a sample of CASS’s plan to support implementation.

Additional implementation planning tools are available at

PDF  Download Essential Conditions PDF  Télécharger Conditions Essentielles

Implementation only happens when capacity exists

CASS exists to build and support its members’ capacity. Developing a comprehensive professional learning plan has the potential to build greater capacity. CASS made use of A Guide to Comprehensive Professional Development Planning to create a professional learning plan. A planning template for your use is included here, as well as CASS plans to support members capacity.

PDF  Download A Guide to Comprehensive PD Planning