CASS Policy Manual


The following policies have been developed to highlight and support the governance work of the Board of Directors. In addition to clearly defining the role of the Board, the role of the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and the delegation of authority from the Board to the CEO, it addresses the following in its policies:

  • directions for how the Board of Directors is to function and how individual members of the Board are to conduct themselves;
  • parameters through which finances are managed;
  • support services accessible to members;
  • responsibility for the integrity of the College’s Continuing Education Program (CEP);
  • non-delegable matters such as policy making; and,
  • specific matters which the Board has chosen to delegate to the CEO.

These Board Policies may be supplemented by an Administrative Procedure as part of the Administrative Procedures Manual. The Administrative Procedures (AP) will be the primary written document by which the CEO provides operational direction.  All policies and administrative procedures must be entirely consistent. The development of two separate and distinct documents (i.e., Policy/Administrative Procedures) is meant to reinforce the distinction between the Board’s responsibility to govern and the CEO’s administrative duties.


The College would like to acknowledge the University of Manitoba for establishing a code of conduct for board members as reflected within its own Code of Conduct for Board of Governors.  This content, in part, has been incorporated into Policies 3 and 4 within this policy manual.

The College appreciates the generous assistance of the Saskatchewan League of Educational Administrators (LEADS) for providing a policy index to the College and for specific content related to Policies 5 – 9 and Policy 16.

PDF  CASS Policy Manual, December 2023