New Member Registration

The first step to becoming a CASS member is to complete the online form according to the appropriate membership type.

Please choose the appropriate membership type below. Registration are automatically sent to the CASS Executive Director/Registrar for review and approval. An invoice for the membership fee will be issued to the new member.

Please note:

  • If the new member is replacing a member who has left / retired in mid-year, the membership may be transferred to the new person without cost. The new member should complete the appropriate form and notify so an invoice will not be issued.
  • If the new member is assuming an eligible position that has been created mid-year, the membership registration fee will be pro-rated for the balance of the year. Please notify so an invoice with an appropriate amount will be issued.
Membership Type Cost Description
Regulated Membership $1,260.00 +gst Regulated Members:

  • hold system education leader positions and have employment contracts outside of a Collective Agreement.
  • have a Master’s Degree (or equivalent)
  • have minimum three years of administrative experience (school and/or system level)
  • are system educational leaders of public, separate, Francophone, charter and First Nations school authorities in Alberta.
Provisional Regulated Membership $1,260.00 +gst Provisional Regulated Members have the same qualifications as Regulated Members but are considered provisional if:

  • have not completed a Master’s Degree (or equivalent)
  • have not completed a minimum three years of administrative experience (school and/or system level)

Please advise once these pre-requisites are completed so membership can be changed to Regulated.

Associate Membership $475.00 +gst Associate Members hold system education leader positions in Alberta that are identified within a Collective Agreement between the school authority and the Alberta Teachers’ Association. Register
Affiliate Membership $475.00 +gst Affiliate Members:

  • are employees of Alberta Education in a senior supervisory or consultative position.
  • are academic members of a university faculty in Alberta.
  • are members of superintendents’ associations in Saskatchewan or British Columbia.
  • are educational administrators from Yukon Territory, Northwest Territories or Nunavut.
  • are educational administrators from International Schools accredited or seeking accreditation with Alberta Education.
  • do not possess a teaching certificate but hold a leadership position in a public, separate, Francophone or First Nations school authority in Alberta.
  • are Executive Directors with the Alberta Regional Professional Development Consortia.