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2020 CASS Fall Conference

Please note that this page is for the 2020 event. Details for the 2021 Fall Conference will be shared as details are finalized.

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Conference Details

PDF  Updated Online Program, October 28
*Updated, October 28, 2020

PDF  Program with Session Descriptions
*Please disregard the session times and note shortened/postponed sessions.

The CASS Fall Conference provides an opportunity to strengthen your leadership growth based on the CASS Professional Learning Goal – 2020-21: Deepening the understanding and applying the learning to support implementation of professional practice.

Based on advice received from the  SLQS Professional Learning Committee conference themes include:  Workplace Wellness, Professional Practice, Assurance Framework, Continuity of Learning 2020-21 – Leading and Learning in the Online Environment, Inclusive Education, Leading Learning – Supporting optimum learning for all students.

Role-alike time has been extended given feedback from members for increased opportunity to network and collaborate with system leader colleagues. Role-alike sessions will be offered both on site and online, as most sessions.

Join system leader colleagues for networking opportunities to gain the tools and strategies to support you in your context and leverage student learning in today’s classrooms.

Keynote Descriptions and Biographies

THURSDAY, November 5th 2020 (8:40 – 9:20 AM)

You can’t truly live your purpose if you are not well.

In this keynote session, Betsy Wierda, Educational Coach and Consultant from Jacksonville , Florida, will focus on the urgent need for personal wellness as a driver for both workplace wellness and  for the impact it has on the community as a whole. Highly effective results will emerge only through an inside out approach.  You can’t pour from an empty cup! Throughout Betsy’s session, you will gain insight into ways that hope, optimism and joy can be taught, and how to create innovative practices that can become sustainable habits in our lives.

Betsy’s Mission: To inspire courageous leadership in herself and others daily while balancing courage and consideration and providing hope and sustainable influence to all school stakeholders.

Betsy Wierda has served as a Senior Coach, Consultant, District Implementation Specialist and Executive Coach for the Education Division of Franklin Covey since 2014.

She has coached and consulted in both urban and rural, affluent and high poverty populations with great enthusiasm and success. She believes that leadership is within each one of us, waiting for opportunity to be released!  Prior to joining the Franklin Covey team, Betsy spent many years as an exceptional student education teacher and as a principal in an at–‐risk school in Duval County, Florida. She led her team from a “challenged” status per the state of Florida to a high performing school and a vital learning community. She has served as the Director of Professional Development in St. Johns County, the highest performing district in the state of Florida. Betsy worked closely with district office leaders and the Superintendent to create and deliver high yield professional development to all stakeholders. Betsy’s goal is to enhance the high achieving systems and structures within each school and district as well as to augment each as a sustainable, systemic learning community that focuses on learning for all stakeholders. Her mission is simple…to develop leaders!

Betsy understands the importance of prioritizing personal wellness while living a life in service to others.  She practices her own wellness through biking, jogging, blogging and spending time with her beautiful family.

Educational Background

  • ACC Certified Executive Coach through the International Coaching Federation: Franklin Covey, 2020
  • Doctorate of Education (Dissertation Submission 2021), University of North Florida, Jacksonville, FL.
  • Master of Education in Educational Leadership, 2000, University of North Florida, Jacksonville, FL.
  • Bachelor of Science in Specific Learning Disabilities and Music Education, 1986, Hope College, Holland, MI.

THURSDAY, November 5th  2020 (11:30 – 12:15 P.M.)

A Story of Connection, Culture and Change

After a career serving in several educational positions, Barry Litun accepted the role of CASS Executive Director and began a new chapter of his story of practice. If you know Barry, you know he naturally and authentically shares his experiences and wisdom through storytelling drawing you into wanting to hear more.

Story is powerful. Story is where we came from and where we are going. In this opening keynote, you will hear Barry share stories from his acquired library, which will be informative, memorable and no doubt make you chuckle. In a conversation with CASS President Bevan Daverne, Barry will share how he has made meaningful moments in between the pages and chapters of his leadership legacy. CASS Leadership Excellence Exemplified!

Barry Litun
Growing up in Chipman, I was about 12 years old when I watched the movie, “To Sir with Love,” and from that moment I believed the best job in the world would be as a teacher.  I completed my B. Ed at the University of Alberta and my Master’s Degree at the University of Victoria. The summers studying in Victoria, accompanied by my wife Gail and two young sons Justin and Adam are extremely memorable, and indicative of the support I have received from my family throughout my career in education.

I began my career in Lamont, teaching primarily physical education and math. I was able to coach virtually every sport offered, and thoroughly enjoyed doing so. After four years as vice principal at Lamont High School, I was provided the opportunity to serve as principal for Hilltop High School in Whitecourt. After five years, our family moved to Red Deer where I was the vice principal and then principal for Lindsay Thurber Comprehensive High School.

I joined the Central Services team with Red Deer Public as Deputy Superintendent for three years and beginning in 2006 I had the honor to serve as Superintendent for Lethbridge School District. I had the opportunity to complete a four-year term on the provincial CASS executive, including a year as President in 2010/11. I thoroughly enjoyed visiting all parts of our province during that year and meeting the dedicated system leaders that make Alberta’s education system one of the very best in the world.

Upon “retirement” from Lethbridge School District in 2013, I was provided the opportunity to become the Executive Director for CASS. The past seven years have been extremely rewarding and I believe that CASS will continue to be an integral partner in the education landscape of our province.

Barry is married to Gail, and they have two sons: Justin (Kealy) in Edmonton and Adam (Erin) in Houston. Justin and Kealy are the parents to Noah & Everett, Barry & Gail’s two grandchildren.

CASS Retirement Banquet


Due to the cancellation of the Annual Learning Conference in April 2020, the 2020 Retirement Banquet will now be held in conjunction with the Fall Conference.

Congratulations to the following CASS members whose retirement will be celebrated on Thursday, November 5, 2020.

  • Bob Allen
  • Janice Aubry
  • *Barb Brochu
  • *Joan Burke
  • *Jeannie Everett
  • *Chris Farquharson
  • Manny Ferreirinha
  • Michael Hauptman
  • *Stu Henry
  • *Brett Huculak
  • *Metro Huculak
  • *Dalene Imeson
  • David Keohane
  • *Ruth Kuik
  • *Cathy McCauley
  • *Glenn McClure
  • *Charlie McCormack
  • *Lorne McDonald
  • *Doug Nicholls
  • Dr. Lorne Parker
  • *Violet Parsons-Pack
  • *Nick Radujko
  • *Chris Smeaton
  • *Lissa Steele
  • Gary Strother
  • Richard Svoboda
  • Colleen Symyrozum-Watt
  • Dr. Norman Yanitski (retired in 2018-2019)

*unable to attend

Retirees on this list are the retirees that gave CASS explicit permission to be acknowledged.

Conference Reading and Resource Materials

Continuity of Learning  – Re-Entry Learning Opportunities (May- August 2020)

The intent of CASS Learning Guides is to apply research, deepen understanding and enhance professional practice within the Alberta context.  With a focus on optimum learning for all students, a Learning Guide provides an opportunity to grow system leader knowledge, resulting in quality school leadership and quality teaching throughout Alberta. Learning Guides include a summary of the webinar, connections to the Alberta context and suggested questions for reflection and dialogue.

LEARNING GUIDE – School Re-Entry: Learning From and With System Leader Colleagues (CASS/ASBOA Summer Learning) 

LEARNING GUIDE – CASS Workplace Wellness: Planning and Implementation Guide LEARNING GUIDE – CASS Leadership Excellence: Sharing Stories of Practice During COVID-19

Fall 2019 CASS Role Alike Summary

Outcomes/Intent of  the “Role Alike” session is designed to allow CASS members to: · Share and learn about strategies and approaches that support staff capacity and student learning in the Alberta context. (e.g., addressing competencies of the Standard), network with others in similar roles, identify priority actions for the CASS Board to consider and when most appropriate  receive updates from Alberta Education and dialogue with Alberta Education . Conference survey data shared that these sessions provided a valuable opportunity to learn how colleagues apply their knowledge and decisions, based on their context and represented “Alberta Stories of Practice”.

Don’t Let Tough Times Go to Waste – Message to CASS members from Santiago Rincón-Gallardo

Dr. Santiago Rincón-Gallardo has shared his research for the past number of CASS learning opportunities. He has provided this message based on his understanding of the Alberta context, his recent research and the opportunity he has had to work provincially as well as with individual districts in Alberta.

Conference Supporters


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 October 26, 2020 UPDATE

Putting your health and safety as a priority, considering concerns about increasing COVID-19 cases in Alberta, and the recent decisions of educational partners with respect to face to face conference gatherings are factors into the decision to switch the CASS Fall Conference program to a full online format.

Online Registration Closed


CASS Professional Learning Goal – 2020-21

Deepening the understanding and applying the learning to support implementation of professional practice.


November 5 - 6, 2020


Changed on October 26, 2020