Guide to Relationships and Learning with the Indigenous Peoples of Alberta

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About this Resource

The CASS “Guide to Relationships and Learning with the Indigenous Peoples of Alberta” was developed to support our members, as system leaders, to deepen their understanding of foundational knowledge of the Indigenous Peoples. This Guide was developed through an Indigenous lens by including the voices and teachings of Elders and Knowledge Keepers. Their voices are captured on video and edited to introduce and bring understanding to multiple areas of learning that capture and cover the essential teachings identified by the First Nations, Métis and Inuit Peoples of Alberta.

DISCLAIMER: This digital resource was developed to support superintendent and system leaders’ capacity to lead Indigenous education in their school districts. The Guide was also developed to fulfill a deliverable outlined in a grant received from Alberta Education, which is to develop a comprehensive learning plan to meet the Superintendent Quality Leadership Standard and the Leadership Quality Standard. The intent of the Guide is to contribute to the CASS outcome “Superintendent leadership supports quality school leadership and teaching to create optimal learning for all students in Alberta.”

This resource references issues that may be controversial or sensitive to some viewers. These issues are important to understanding the complex and diverse perspectives of the Indigenous Peoples in Alberta. The views presented by individual speakers/writers are personal perspectives and points of view and may not necessarily represent the views of CASS.

Note: This is a professional development resource for system leaders in education. The content in this resource has not been reviewed for use by students. Please be advised that the recommended resource links may change over time.

The framework is designed around the common ground of meeting the Leadership Quality Standard and the Superintendent Leadership Quality Standard, honoring Indigenous voices and providing opportunities for basic foundational learning with opportunities to delve deeper into the contextual topics and specific areas of interest and growth for individual Superintendents and whole education communities. Short testimonies from superintendents on leading Indigenous education in their school district are also included. This Guide will be one resource component of the CASS comprehensive learning plan alongside our conferences, zone learning sessions, online resources, cultural and traditional ceremony participation, and land and place-based learning. The Guide will contribute to the CASS outcome “Superintendent leadership supports quality school leadership and teaching to create optimal learning for all students in Alberta”

Relationships are central to learning and reconciliation, therefore, should be the starting point as you journey through this guide. To begin, click on the relationship portion in the graphic below. Watch the video, read the summary, explore further resources, reflect and then put your knowledge to action. Once you have completed the relationships portion of this guide, click the leaves on the graphic to access the other themes.

Independent: Choose a focus topic, read the questions, watch the video, read the introduction and then choose 2 or 3 resources to delve into further. Reflect back on the questions after exploring resources further. Repeat the process until all topics have been further explored.

Group: Establish a learning group. Each person in the group considers the reflection questions while reading the introduction, viewing the video and then selects 2-3 resources to delve into. Each member of the learning group then shares reflections and an overview of the resources they selected. Each group member responds to others’ insights while generating action points on how to further incorporate and support reconciliation, relationship building and foundational knowledge into their district’s practice.