Mentorship Program

New regulated members have the opportunity to participate in the Mentorship Program and
earn credits through the CASS Continuing Education Program (CEP).

Experienced members can participate as mentors, receiving recognition and CEP credits for their participation.

Registration ensures that participants are matched appropriately and have access to Mentorship Program tools and resources available online.

Register as a Mentee

Register as a Mentor

Registration in the Orientation Event scheduled for September 16-17, 2024:

Register for the September Orientation

Why participate in a Mentorship Program?

  • Mentorship enhances the work of individuals in school authorities to achieve organizational goals.
  • Mentorship supports professional learning and growth of mentees as system education leaders.
  • Mentorship supports the ongoing learning and growth of mentors.
  • Mentorship supports organizational growth and development.
  • Mentorship requires commitments from the mentorship coordinator, mentors, mentees, and all system education leaders.
  • Mentors and mentees will have access to numerous resources on the Mentorship Moodle site.

The Mentorship Program supports regulated members to maintain and enact the LQS and SLQS competencies.