Professional Reading

The Truth about Alberta Charter Schools
Having served as an educational leader in public education for the past 40 years, Dr. Lynne Paradis, superintendent of Suzuki Public Charter Schools, offers a fresh, insider perspective through “The Truth about Alberta Charter Schools.” With public criticism of charter schools on the rise following the release of Alberta’s 2022 budget, Lynne prepared the piece for system leaders, recognizing the public discourse as an opportunity to build understanding and support of the unique notion of charter schools.

Leadershift 2020 – Reinventing Our Schools for Extraordinary and Uncertain Times
Co-written by Glenn Nowosad, Superintendent for East Central Catholic Schools

In an age of exponentially disruptive change, many educational leaders continue to use linear thinking while attempting to implement transformational change into daily practice. Leaders who default to hope as a tactic abdicate their responsibility and miss an opportunity to cultivate a shared vision to disrupt existing educational practice.

Based on the seminal works of Senge, Fullan, and Elmore; and the related research of many others, this resource is built on what the writers consider are the six foundational pillars of modern learning organizations. LeaderShift 2020 provides practical, relevant, and timely recommendations and direction about what is needed to lead out informed change.

Pothole Management
Likening the natural pessimistic disposition of many to 1000 miles of perfect road containing just one pothole, Horizon School Division Superintendent, Dr. Wilco Tymensen, challenges readers to focus on the positive in his May 26, 2021, Lethbridge Herald article, “Pothole Management.”
By approaching change with a healthy balance of both optimism and pessimism, Wilco believes one can then consider “the possibilities that could be, and make plans for the difficulties that lie ahead.” A quick, inspiring one-minute read!

A Tribute to 2021 Grads
In his final 2020/21 Lethbridge Herald column, “A Tribute to 2021 Grads” Westwind School Division Superintendent Darren Mazutinec celebrates the success of this year’s graduating class. Darren states, “In my three-plus decades of education experience as a teacher, school administrator, and now a Superintendent, I believe the class of 2021 to be among the most robust, vibrant, and resilient group of students I’ve ever had the opportunity to encounter in my career.” A heartwarming tribute and quick two-minute read!

Catholic Education – A Rich Blessing
In his Lethbridge Herald May 12 article, “Catholic Education –  A Rich Blessing,” Holy Spirit Catholic School Division Superintendent Ken Sampson reflects on impacts of the district’s Three-Year Faith Plan in celebration of Catholic Education Week, held May 10 to 14, 2021. Calling for “everyone to be grateful and gracious in all that we do,” Ken asks readers to continually look for opportunities in this ‘NEW-NOW’ environment.