eLeadership Guide – Improving Success for Indigenous Students


Improving Success for Indigenous students within the Alberta provincial school system has been a long sought-after outcome. Alberta’s Ministry of Education, both past and present, have included in their business plans an outcome that states “First Nations, Métis and Inuit Students in Alberta are Successful.”

This eLeadership guide will examine research about system education leadership to improve learning success for Indigenous students within the provincial school system and provide opportunities for participants to listen to stories of practice on intentional strategies to improve success from a system leader perspective.

Source: This graphic is adapted from the Continuous Improvement Cycle in the Alberta Education Funding Manual for School Authorities 2022/23 School Year.

eLeadership Guide Outcomes -Improving Success for Indigenous Students

Participants will:

  • explore research about system education leadership within the context of improving success for Indigenous Students.
  • relate to authentic stories of practice shared by system education leaders about strategies to address improving success for Indigenous students.
  • reflect upon research and stories of practice about system education leadership and Indigenous students’ success.
  • identify resources that support leading initiatives related to Indigenous students’ success.
  • interpret new ideas for building professional capacity as a system education leader.


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