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Workplace Wellness

CASS believes that for everyone to meet the professional practice standard, we need to address both personal and workplace wellbeing.

The Guide is intended to support and inform school authority leaders in collaborative conversations, resulting in the development of a school authority plan leading to support for implementation of a comprehensive and integrated approach to workplace wellness.

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Additional  supports to enhance implementation.  The playbook was developed by a Community of Practice of Alberta system leaders and partners based on local practices.

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This learning guide offers a summary of the online session offered and a link to the recording.  A summary of CASS members thoughts on how they would use this resource are also included. Reflective questions are provided focusing on application of the learning, specifically with your system leadership team.

System leaders are addressing school authority needs by exploring and applying workplace wellness strategies. Continuing to support Alberta school authorities with workplace wellness planning and implementation, Directors of Leadership – Wellness, Brian Andjelic and Jim McLellan, launched a Community of Practice (CofP). Over 20 CASS members are working together with the intent of creating a playbook, featuring additional practices and resources to support each of the five wellness conditions outlined in CASS’ Workplace Wellness Planning and Implementation Guide.

To move forward with the creation of a Workplace Wellness Plan, system leaders will need to start with facilitating an organization’s creation of a collective “Why”. This begins by engaging all those who will be impacted by a Workplace Wellness Plan.

This Learning Guide shares a summary and resources on Workplace Wellness at the 2020 CASS Fall Conference.

CASS Practice Profiles

One additional construct, based on the Alberta context and members’ needs, has been added to the CASS Practice Profile. This construct, following the required Alberta Education SLQS competencies, is framed around the conditions represented in the CASS Workplace Wellness Framework. System leaders are more likely to meet the professional practice standard when they are well.

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The CASS Wellness Environmental Scan and Needs Assessment report represents information gathered from school authority interviews about current practices and how CASS can design supports for school authority workplace wellness planning.