eLeadership Guide – Explore, Engage and Experience: Finding a Future in Trades and Technologies


This eLeadership guide focuses on delving into research and showcasing inspiring practices from Alberta system leaders and stakeholders that promote skilled trades and technologies as viable career paths for students. It aims to uncover effective strategies within the provincial school system that cultivate students’ interest and enhance their success in these fields.

Source: This graphic is adapted from the Continuous Improvement Cycle in the Alberta Education Funding Manual for School Authorities 2022/23 School Year.

Explore, Engage, and Experience – eLeadership Guide Outcomes

Participants will:

  • explore research about system education leadership within the context of trades, technologies, and vocational education.
  • understand the significance of students pursuing careers related to skilled trades and technologies.
  • relate to Alberta stories of practice shared by system leaders and stakeholders, gaining valuable insights and intentional approaches to improve student success in pursuing careers related to skilled trades and technologies.
  • analyze and evaluate the research and stories of practice, exploring opportunities for replication, adaptation, or establishment of partnerships based on the successful models presented.
  • identify resources that support leading initiatives related to inspiring students to pursue a trades and technologies career pathway.
  • interpret new ideas for building professional capacity as a system education leader.


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