Research for System Education Leaders

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CASS is a legislatively empowered professional body that builds the capacity of system education leaders to ensure optimal learning for all students in the public K – 12 education system. Section 5, b, ii of the CASS Act (2023) states: “(b) to improve the teaching profession and leadership of the education system by… (ii) carrying out research and publishing materials designed to maintain and improve the competence of members…” (p .5). These research studies serve to spark curiosity, inform learning, and impact the decision-making process. 


This research provides current, relevant, and research-based information that supports system education leaders in their work to address the complexity of the classroom. The environmental scan provides macro-level information from across Canada about provincial approaches to addressing classroom complexity.

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This study will provide current, relevant, and research-based information that supports and strengthens the strategic purpose of the Classroom Complexity Grant. It is intended to support system education leaders in their work to address the complexity of the classroom.

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This literature review on educational leadership mentorship is a result of a request from the College of Alberta School Superintendents (CASS). CASS has provided mentorship programming in a variety of forms to system education leaders since its inception. The review of literature is a necessary component for the ultimate development of current and relevant mentorship for system educational leaders.

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This report contains key learnings from teachers, school leaders and system leaders about their workplace experiences.

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This report contains the analysis of the findings, related Canadian research on self-identified Indigenous teachers and leaders in public school systems, recommendations for next steps and calls to actions and appendices of written responses.

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This document contains guidelines, which are designed to inform CASS members, employees, and associated independent contractors of appropriate approaches to research, publishing, and presenting research findings within schools and school authorities.

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CASS and its members value research and recognize that decisions made based on research are sound and defensible. CASS thanks the authors of these reports for their commitment to telling their respective evidence-based stories.


Research and Publishing Guidelines


The expectations of system education leaders in Alberta is to engage in professional learning and to intentionally seek, critically review and apply educational research to inform practices in school authorities (TQS, LQS, SLQS). This is an active role that system education leaders play in accessing and using educational research in their work. Using evidence-informed practices are expected competencies of system education leaders.

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