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Resources used and shared at the conference and intended to support continued learning following the conference.

CASS Pro-spective

CASS Pro-spective provides engagement opportunities that are framed around current and emergent education topics and conference areas of focus.

Contributions are only accessible for  members and shares current practice based on questions posed.  Members input also provides direction to CASS  about professional learning needs and identifies areas for future supports  and services.

Access CASS Pro-spective as you would access your member portal. Same login credentials apply. 

Wednesday, March 22, 2023


Session materials are posted on the CASS Pro-spective Project: System Educators Leaders Role Supporting Professional Practice

– Optimum Learning for All Students Implementing Alberta’s 2018 Professional Practice Standards 2022-2023 Year 4 Survey Report
– School Authority Stories of Practice
– Delegates response to inquiry questions
– Research Overview Courtesy of Learning

Presentation – Optimum Learning for All Students in Alberta: System Education Leaders’ Role in Supporting Professional Practice

Conference Opening

Provincial Role-alike 

CASS conferences offer a provincial gathering opportunity focused on the needs of system leaders and emergent provincial agendas. Role-Alike time allows members to learn from their peers about approaches that are the most effective for a colleague’s context. Learning from stories of practices about effective or improved practices, provides an opportunity to reflect on one’s own practice and context.  The Annual  Learning Conference role-alike topics are based on zone feedback gathered in November/December 2022.

Annual Conference 2023 – Role Alike Questions

Thursday, March 22, 2023

Continuing Education Program (CEP) Accreditation Review

Introduction of the  CEP Accreditation Requirements Chart, seeking feedback and input. This chart, once approved, will represent the depth and breadth of professional learning that system education leaders undertake and engage in, on an annual basis, to maintain their accreditation status and demonstrate competency to the public as a system education leader.

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Supporting Effective Governance 

This project is intended to gather members knowledge based on experiences from their own unique context.  The project began at the FALL conference ( 2022) and will be contributed to in two governance sessions at the Annual Conference.




Special General Meeting – Agenda Package can be accessed in the Member Portal.

Thursday, March 23, 2023 Concurrent Session Resources 

Session Presenters Resources
Assurance in Action Chris Fuzessy and the Foothills School Division Team Assurance in Action Presentation
Explore, Engage, Experience: Finding a Future in Trades and Technologies Jason Kupery and Colleen Symyrozum-Watt TAVE Presentation
Investigating Allegations of Racism, Systemic Racism, Prejudice and Bias in the Workplace Teresa Haykowsky
Learning Disruption – Spring 2023 Status Mat Campbell, Danielle Maczko and Sean Lougheed Learning Disruption Presentation
Making Relatives to Hold Space for Indigenous Ways of Being, Belonging, Doing & Knowing across the Calgary Board of Education Andrea Holowka, Lori Pritchard Making Relatives… Presentation

CBE Indigenous Education Holistic Lifelong Learning Framework

Supporting Effective Governance – Continued Conversations Betty Turpin, Natasha MacArthur-Poole, Dean Lindquist Supporting Effective Governance Presentation
System Education Leaders’ Role in Supporting Curriculum Implementation: Examining Our Evidence of Implementation Catherine Coyne Examining Evidence of Implementation Presentation
Session Presenters Resources
Career Pathways in Edmonton Public Schools Marnie Beaudoin, Thomas Gillard and Sean Jones Career Pathways Presentation

Career Pathways Guiding Principles Brochure
Career Pathways – Model
CASS Handout – Data Profile Description

Leader Ready: Understanding the Self-Efficacy of Assistant Principals Dr. Tim Cusack Leader Ready Presentation
Investigating Allegations of Racism, Systemic Racism, Prejudice and Bias in the Workplace Teresa Haykowsky
Cultivating Safe Spaces and Meaningful Relationships for Indigenous Students, Families and Organizations in Edmonton Catholic Schools Joe Naccarato and ECSD Panelists
Reflections on Implementation of New Curriculum: Focused on Professional Learning (PL) Plans Related to Teaching, Assessing and Reporting Katie Graham, Carra Aschenmeier and Michele Jones Reflections on Implementation of New Curriculum Presentation
Supporting Effective Governance – Your Role Dr. Jordan Tinney Governance and the Role of the Superintendent Presentation
Literacy and Numeracy Learning: Closing the Achievement Gap Using a Research-Informed Approach Andrea Cooper, Nancy Petersen
Strategic Implementation of Collaborative Response: Planning for System-wide Implementation and Reform Kristien Holtby, Kurtis Hewson Strategic Implementation of Collaborative Response Presentation

Friday, March 24, 2023

Looking Ahead – The Leadership We Need with Jordan Tinney

System education leaders continued growth, based on unique contexts and adaptive challenges, will lead us forward in Alberta.

Annual Conference Conversation Starters:

Leading for Equity
Compassionate Leadership

Presentation – Compassionate Leadership and Racial Equity

FALL Conference Conversation Starters

Adaptive Leadership
CASS – Contextual Literacy

General Resources or Links

eLeadership Guides

These eLeadership Guides provide targeted interventions to address COVID-19 learning disruptions for Grades 1-3 students and improving success for Indigenous students.

Conference Archives

Thanks to System Education Leaders that share at CASS conferences and allow access to their presentation materials.  They are posted in the conference archives found on the “Events” tab of the website.

Conference Survey

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